Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Already, November

This new Bully song/video is everything that appealed during high school (provided you also went to high school in the late '90s and went through a girl band "phase" and felt like a "misfit," which, of course you did). The video was made by these ladies, who created a great postcard series called EAT THE PATRIARCHY in January.

Italian band Bee Bee Sea blends beautifully with all the other lo-fi whatsits of Dirty Water Records USA and they've got a record out November 17 called Sonic Boomerang. The whole garage thing is almost parodying itself at this point but it never ceases to be good for a little dance.

There's an angular rock group outta Tel Aviv called Document, and their new record The Void Repeats is out this week. If they were a high school student, they might be the loner guy in a trench coat who sits under a tree and reads advanced books and refers to the others as "sheeple."

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