Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Give 'em yer money!

Hullo there. Still listening to Pile's A Hairshirt of Purpose but digging into a few other things that will pop up around these parts shortly. In the meantime, the Hype Machine folks have begun to ask for money, and sure, there are certainly more worthwhile causes to donate to -- yes, please donate to animal sanctuaries and programs to keep people afloat and temporary housing to accommodate the city with the worst homelessness rate, and for fuck's sake, give all you can to the family of Sonny Vincent. (Really, truly -- his family suffered a terrible fire and have a never-ending pile of medical bills to deal with, as well as a long list of surgeries still ahead.) But if you've put in your share and happen to have something like $3 left at the end of the month, consider putting in a donation to the Hype Machine.

Choir Croak Out Them Goodies joined the Hype Machine nearly a decade ago; if you're not familiar, it collects the music posted by all of its registered blogs, and plops them down in one handy place for free streaming. As a member, you can save your favorite songs to a playlist, follow other members, and search for artists by name. It's free to use! Moreover, it's a great equalizer and doesn't give a damn whether your site is a one-man blog or a proper website with a full staff and a huge following; every site that posts music receives equal space for its posts to be seen. It allows you to discover new music, and to discover new blogs that feature music you enjoy, and it's been a damn godsend in providing a place for music discovery. Donate if you can. Clicky click click.

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