Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Perhaps it's the Jew in me (and yes, it's taking up quite a lot of space in there), but whenever I hear something this aggro, I always hope the performers and their name are all for show and otherwise give genuine hugs and handshakes in real life. Upping the anxiety factor with a band like Rixe is that without knowing French, you've got no way of knowing whether they're uniformly shouty over their dinner being cold or whether they're on a mission to get some heads on sticks. This is the age of the smartphone, sure, when the entire developed world is passive and drowsy and has its collective head down, but one can never be too wary of a skinhead post-1980.

That out of the way, Rixe popped up in 2015, another marvelous example of Europe outdoing the U.S. in pure passion, and the French Oi! group has just released its third EP in three consecutive years. What they do well is walk the fine line of a genre that has plenty of potential to sound dated, instead injecting enough anger and urgency and (somehow) restraint that, thankfully, this doesn't sound straight off a Punk-O-Rama compilation. And maybe it is for show, but it packs a hell of a punch.

From 2016's Les Nerfs A Vif:

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