Saturday, April 15, 2017

In love all over again: Peter Perrett

The really great songwriters are usually the ones who die off early, and somehow, it's the junkies who tend to be some of the very best, smartest and funniest writers, with fantastic taste in music and literature (possibly best summed up in the final paragraph of this piece). Peter Perrett certainly and perhaps unfortunately fell into this category for many years, and he's a longtime favorite songwriter of mine, largely for his uncomfortable and beautiful and all-too-realistic takes on love and infatuation.

All things considered, then, what with the hepatitis and the drugs and the COPD and the gaunt Ronnie Wood face, he probably should have died a thousand times during the last forty years. But he's well alive, and he lets his wife run his Facebook page, which includes poorly shot photos of each other and tributes to Fidel Castro, sort of adorable. And now he's making a return, in collaboration with his sons, which actually appears promising. This is the album opener:

The modern day pop culture references are a bit strange and might date this first single in time, but musically it's a really lovely hark back to "If Not for You," and it's lyrically biting, and I'm tickled to say that Peter's voice has hardly changed a bit. Domino is releasing this solo record of the same title in June.

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