Monday, April 10, 2017

If they were any colder they'd be dead

Last year, Oakland's Marbled Eye put out an EP of sleepy, deadpan post-punk resembling the work of a few artists here and there, albeit a well-done example of how to be simultaneously retro and relevant without taking part in or ripping off the Castle Face scene. Though its cover art did look like a more minimalist version of something from the past, didn't it?

Anyway, Marbled Eye put out another EP just last month on Erste Theke Tontraeger (home to this gem) and it's a bit more of the same, though more of the same means angular guitar and bass, bare-bones drumming that drives each song forward, icy post-punk to counter the indulgent more-means-more glamorous pop trends that have permeated the music world over the last few years. When you're uncomfortable dancing and you want something you can stiffly sort of dance to, more of this is a godsend.

Purchase EP II. And if you're a musician looking for a studio, hire their bass player, who produced the first Marbled Eye release.

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