Monday, April 3, 2017

Everybody, making a return

In as much time as it took for Aldous Harding to promote her 2014 record and go nuts making tour appearances in the U.S., she's already gotten a new record set up with 4AD. And lucky her, it was recorded with John Parish, who is a brilliant complement to nearly anyone, really. Party will be out in May, and she's gone a bit chic, but its first single is just as beautiful as anything she's previously released. She still sings with guts, and though she's been on a constant tour and has already been in the U.S. twice during the last six months, she'll be returning in June.

(This will also be on the record.)

Full circle to an act that was once on 4AD: Celebration. Years ago, Celebration embodied their own name, putting a sound to the face of Mardi Gras, Carnival, Holi, anything with color and movement and vitality. In June, ten years later, they have a new record, their fifth, which will be arriving on Bella Union in June, and they've shared one of its tracks, which is decidedly less chaotic than the music they used to release. But it's lovely to see them still being the people and doing the thing, and they still go big, which is the most important thing one could ask of them.

Beans returns! At 45 he is still humorous and creative, at times thrilling, even, and he recently did a funny little interview with PopMatters to mark the simultaneous release of three albums and a book. He walks the line between novelty and not, and though he definitely could have filtered out some of these three albums to make two, it might be more accurate (and would lend him more appropriate credit) to say that he's a regular ol' dude who just loves Batman and sweet, sweet love.

Purchase Wolves of the World.
Purchase Love Me Tonight.
Purchase Haast.
Purchase all three of his new records as a bundle and get a free copy of his book, Die Tonight.

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