Monday, January 2, 2017

Slurping away at 2016 with a very tiny spoon

Th' good ol' month of January will likely be spent catching up on all the music missed in 2016; when we [certainly, the royal we] were busy spending last year catching old favorites like PJ Harvey and Wreckless Eric and the Cure, or slogging away at proper job, or panicking, we were also busy missing new goodies. So here's part one of a little roundup of fun records and project announcements missed 'round these parts last year.


Vexx - Wild Hunt EP

Wild Hunt begins like Damned Damned Damned and ends like (GI); it's speedy and fun and gory and violent and supports the possibility that great, unmarketable punk albums will be coming out of Olympia -- and shouted out by women -- until the world caves in. Look for the Runaways cover that beats the Runaways at their own game by a long shot.

Purchase Wild Hunt (M'Lady's Records also has a ridiculous number of great reissues for sale, by the way)


Hellrazor - Satan Smile

Hellrazor is a minor super-ish East Coast group that includes Mike Falcone (drummer of Speedy Ortiz) on guitar/vocals, Jon Hartlett (bassist of Ovlov) on drums, and Julian Wahlberg (guitarist of the Screw-Ups) on bass. They have the same essential harkback to grunge that many of their sister acts around New England bear, but the perk that seems to come with having a guitarist as bass player -- think Stranglers here -- is that the bass on this album is so fucking fat. Yes.

Purchase Satan Smile via New Professor Music (based in Los Angeles?!)


And countering some of the current shit of the world is this marvelous project thought up by Waxploitation's awfully well-connected founder Jeff Antebi, a book of stories written by contemporary musicians and accompanied by art. Its sale will benefit several different child literacy nonprofits. But the best part of this project, perhaps, is the choice of narrator in each of its promotional videos. Here are a couple favorites thus far in promotion of Stories for Ways & Means:

Ah jeez, and there are signed prints for sale!

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