Thursday, August 4, 2016

This world ain't big enough for your feelings! (A couple of lady singles.)

If anyone brings to mind Emiliana Torrini circa 2005, it's Austin-based singer-songwriter Alex Rose. That is, until you hear the B-side of "Grandmothers," a folky breakup song that aligns words like coattails and contrails like only a millennial could and would.

And life isn't always full of whimsy. 
So don't fall in love! 
Don't fall to pieces! 
This world ain't big enough for your feelings! 

Enough of that, though. Here's the A-side.

Los Angeles band JODY just released a single yesterday (recorded at the soon-to-be-kaput Smell), and they are quite a lot catchier than the Fratellis-esque Jody from Australia. Look for them out and about in Los Angeles.

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