Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The damn summer's nearly over!

If you're a bit on the anxious side and looking for something to match the mania you feel, Montreal quintet Look Vibrant wants to meet you! No idea where they get their energy but they've kept this batty thing going for at least three years. They're musicians' musicians.

There's this nice band from Brighton that just joined FatCat Records and they have a seven-inch coming out on Friday!

Somehow managed to miss a new This is the Kit EP back in January. This is a nice bit off Rusty and Got Dusty, which also features a cover of “Les Plus Beaux.” Even having gone electric to an extent, Kate Stables continues to make some of the most stunning folk around.

Sharing the Brassland label with This is the Kit is Fusilier, a fella whose new single might stand out as the "which of these doesn't belong?" in this post. But he's exciting, makes dark stuff you can dance to, and gives the bass its due. And he's sassy as hell. Southerner living in New York, natch.

No joke, I've been standing next to Bratmobile/Cold Cold Hearts/Cool Moms frontlady Allison Wolfe at shows around Los Angeles for years (she likes Wreckless Eric and The Mummies, for the curious), and in all that time, her newest band Sex Stains somehow hadn't put out an album. That lull comes to an end in September! Sex Stains' debut is coming out September 2. One-minute single "Don't Hate Me 'Cuz I'm Beautiful" was floating around Soundcloud for a while and has since been replaced with You Tube audio.

It's also on their demo from last year. This is worth a little hurrah!

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