Monday, August 8, 2016

An exercise in bumming out: Snail Mail

The youth and androgyny in 17-year old Lindsay Jordan's voice is enough to bring Baltimore's Snail Mail into a relatively obscure position, as an American counterpart to onetime Sheffield act Standard Fare. [And if you're wondering what happened to Standard Fare, they split up and youthful/androgynous-sounding frontlady Emma Kupa released an album with Mammoth Penguins.]

Snail Mail is more mopey and less 2010s British indie pop than Standard Fare, and what Jordan particularly adds to the slow-paced grunge of Habit, outside of her tomboyish vocal quality, is the sort of harmless hopelessness that only seems to come when you're young and haven't yet sorted out the world in your mind. This is the perfect type of band to listen to at 17, and Snail Mail's followers will likely be extremely loyal and get them and eventually turn 23 and snap out of it. What's happening:

I wanna spend the entire year/Just face down

There's a weight and I feel it and it's pressing down/And it won't be for nothing/And it won't stick around/If it is about anything that I can fix/Then I'll see you on the other side if it really exists

Purchase Habit here.

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