Monday, July 25, 2016

Going mad on a Monday

There's nothing original to say about a band that's not churning out anything original. But San Francisco's The Love Dimension [Ahem. The Luuuhhhve Dimension.] are solid at what they churn out, and what they churn out is properly retro surf rock that'll turn you into a dancin' machine. Plus, this video for "Together Again" will make you literally woozy!

[Brian Jonestown Massacre, etcetera...]

Ty Segall is like the James Franco of garage rock. Worth a buy, of course.

For those who enjoyed spazzy folks Terry or Wireheads, London's Dog Chocolate is in the same category but one point higher on Team Shouty-Crackers. They've been described as sounding "like a crowded room," and that about sums it up.

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