Thursday, July 28, 2016

Celebratin' King Khan and BBQ

Yesterday, Mark Sultan posted a digital upload of the King Khan and BBQ Show's seven-inch for "We Are the Ocean," originally pressed in 2011. This is the A-side.

He also has a solo seven-inch coming out later this year, and this is the B-side. He needs money to buy a compressor! And he's going to be at Los Globos in Los Angeles on August 9.

Meanwhile, King Khan put out this beaut last week, and with it he sends this message:

To celebrate the new birth of the Invaders International...I offer it as a healing blessing to this very sick world...may this song get into your hearts and minds and may the world finally understand the suffering of others and try to mend the wounds rather than create new ones. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Going mad on a Monday

There's nothing original to say about a band that's not churning out anything original. But San Francisco's The Love Dimension [Ahem. The Luuuhhhve Dimension.] are solid at what they churn out, and what they churn out is properly retro surf rock that'll turn you into a dancin' machine. Plus, this video for "Together Again" will make you literally woozy!

[Brian Jonestown Massacre, etcetera...]

Ty Segall is like the James Franco of garage rock. Worth a buy, of course.

For those who enjoyed spazzy folks Terry or Wireheads, London's Dog Chocolate is in the same category but one point higher on Team Shouty-Crackers. They've been described as sounding "like a crowded room," and that about sums it up.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Catching up on spring and summer

Grey Malkin (Scottish goth-folk project The Hare and the Moon) and Michael Warren (Hare collaborator and psych artist) just released a stunning cover of Pink Floyd's "Jugband Blues" in honor of Syd Barrett's deathday. No easy feat without a Salvation Army band behind it, but marvelously done. Part of a tribute EP.

Bry Webb (dreamy fella, former Constantine) put out a 7-inch split with Chad Van Gaalen in late April, and this is his half of the record:

English post-punk group Primetime put out this little EP in May and it's doing a swell job of filling the gap left by the absence of Grass Widow and the Raincoats.

In late June, longtime PJ Harvey and Nick Cave collaborator (and dapper gent) Mick Harvey put out a third volume of Serge Gainsbourg covers, Delirium Tremens. It follows 2014 double album Intoxicated Man and Pink Elephants, and Intoxicated Women will conclude the set later this year.

Wireheads to the rescue!

It's been another devastating week for the U.S., and so we find ourselves once again looking to Australia for comfort, and music in which to escape the now-constant reminder that we haven't yet sorted ourselves out.

Adelaide's Wireheads are a lovely group of weirdos whose songs show a good deal of patience; they're a nice combination of Suburban Lawns, the Fresh and Onlys, and Swell Maps, the sort of group that Gen X's misfits would've embraced and who probably would've belonged in Los Angeles thirty years ago. Less than a year after releasing their second record, made with perpetual weirdo Calvin Johnson, they've got Arrive Alive, a wacky adventure that boasts twenty musicians, two of whom play bicycle wheel.

This is a great, organized mess of saxophone and improvisations and beginning guitar abilities and shouty exclamations and all the things a band should be fearless enough to throw into the mixing pot.

Listen to Arrive Alive here, and purchase here if you're in the U.S. And while you're spending some time on Wireheads, sit down for a tiny literature lesson: