Monday, June 27, 2016

Thank god for Terry

While half the world goes on wondering when the shit is going to hit the fan and we can begin counting the last of our days, it seems as though our friends to the south are perfectly content, churning out new music and not shooting each other and having the fun that the rest of us don't seem to be having. South meaning Australia, and not, say, Venezuela. They're having a terrible time.

Moreover, now that Dan Treacy's ambiguously alive at this point, the world desperately needs another Television Personalities, and Terry appears available and eager to fill the gap. The Melbourne-based, kinda-sorta-supergroup just started putting out releases this spring, with two EPs out last April (both boasting perfect cover art), and a concise LP out July 1. With our political landscape looking primed to shove its way to the right in a matter of time, there's no doubt that we're about to receive a new wave of socially aware music that seeks to start a revolution -- and let's face it, the good lot of politically inclined music tends to be more drum circle than Zounds and Crass these days. So before the musical revolution takes place, it's a breath of premature relief to come across a perky, say-nothing number like "Tippy Toppy Terry" off April's 8 Girls EP, or a nice song about working your way toward death, something for the everyman. It's tiring to always be on and ready with a message, isn't it? We need the wacky, punk-ish band, the one whose lyrics are gibberish, or perhaps tell a story whose truth is hidden by the guise of humor, to tell us that it's okay to exhale and laugh about the absurdity of things. God, I miss you Dan Treacy.

So Terry's got Al Montfort and Zephyr Pavey of Total Control (a favorite 'round these parts), and their guitar and bass work carries over as loyally as a Total Control fan would hope. But they've also got a nice thing going, male/female shared vocal duties with their girlfriends, somehow giving the feel of a band much larger than it is. Terry is a party that's already quite full but has room for one more if you'd like to join in. And sure, they've got the aforementioned humor and nonsensical lyrics, but they also have lines like "What's a war without the poor" and "Back to work again/a shirtfront for the worst cunt" in album opener "Moscow," so this isn't all the stuff of vapid non-stories, really. Bless this band for balancing us out when we need them.

You'd be ridiculous not to buy this record. Purchase here, it's a lovely time.

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