Monday, June 6, 2016

It's me, Warik!

There's this young fellow named Malik Lemon who makes music under the moniker Warik, and one can't help but be reminded of the Mario/Wario relationship as he positions himself in the following way:

Warik is Malik Lemon
Malik Lemon is Warik.
Where does one end? and the other begin?

Warik is a Chicago native but his work would fit perfectly into Los Angeles' lo-fi scene, with elements of surf rock, dissonance, and early Ariel Pink-style warping; his voice very nearly resembles that of Polvo's Ash Bowie, sans lisp. He's barely out of his teens, and his lyrics are about subjects like being young and getting dismissed by girls, stories perfectly of their time in the context of his life. On the whole, he's succeeded in making a fabulously fluffy summer album that could only work in the current decade.

Visit his Bandcamp page and purchase Warik's Tape.

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