Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A summery round-up from around the world.

The Whistling Possum are a jangly guitar pop group out of Jakarta, Indonesia! Will appeal to fans of Orange Juice and are extremely twee. They only have one song out but their members are in other acts like AGGI and Sharesprings. Tiok of the Whistling Possum says they are "trying to bring out the 80s indie Scottish sound but fail to manage it" and "somehow you only get the music with some pretentious asshole lyrics." That'll be Whistling Possum, then.

Next up is a fellow born in Johannesburg, based in London, who makes and remixes this nice little blend of psych/surf rock and trip hop, and has a guitar tone similar to that of Fat White Family's Saul Adamczewski.

Toronto-based Weaves make quirky pop that might appeal to fans of Fell Runner and Juno, and they've got an album out June 17.

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