Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kaspar Hauser, alive and well

One of the biggest challenges of getting into current music -- and it's been said many times -- is the pure abundance of it. You've got to sift through the stuff you don't like to find the few things you do, and it's not always the cream that rises and makes itself easy to find, but often the most palatable stuff, the stuff that the majority finds generally pleasant and is willing to listen to, because why not? and little more.

It's refreshing, then, to happen upon a debut like that by Glasgow's Kaspar Hauser, a trio who would perhaps please fans of Wax Idols, or The Downs, whence guitarist Josh Longton and bassist Anne Kastner once came, and who will no doubt be invited to visit Los Angeles for an evening with Part Time Punks as soon as they come into view. They are not easy to digest -- there is nothing agreeable, palatable about glaring guitar or the surprise jolt that happens in putting on a band that mistakenly labels itself dream pop. This has been done, sure, but they fill a void that was left with the demise of Seattle's A-Frames -- sharp, angular post-punk that hits hard, feels heavy and leaves you anxious. 

Their debut EP is available on cassette at Bandcamp.

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