Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Another little round-up.

Enormous Swedish act Goat has got a new release coming out this week! 2014's Commune was brilliant -- a psychedelic party that sounded like past and future all at once and appealed, somehow, to cravings for music farther southeast than Sweden. They've got a toned down single out on Sub Pop this Friday.

Trudy and the Romance come out of Liverpool, and they've got a debut seven-inch being released next month. They describe themselves as mutant '50s pop, but they also resemble [what] cocaine jitters [probably feel like]. More here.

Savak are a supergroup made up of members of bands like The Cops, Holy Fuck, and the Make-Up (James Canty, swoon). Album Best of Luck in Future Endeavors is out this Friday, and it's, you know, straight-ahead, unpretentious rock that sounds, you know, a little sleepier than all of its members' previous bands.

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