Sunday, April 24, 2016

A band called Slackers (ska-free post)

There's a group out of Moscow called Slackers which classifies itself simultaneously as "butt-rock" and "student rock," and they have an album just released this month whose title roughly translates to I Will Not Remember This.

The album is poorly recorded and sounds to have been recorded in a kitchen with a karaoke-grade microphone, but they've done the ballsy thing and opened with a cover, the one-minute "Society Made Me Selfish," originally by the UV Race. And they've nailed the punk revivalist bit, reminding a bit of what the Time Flys did a little over a decade ago.

Listen to не буду этого помнить here. (And purchase at the price of your choosing!)


Unknown said...

it was recorded in a room next to kitchen this time!

China said...

...and a very spacious dining room it must be!