Friday, May 22, 2015

Celebrating Memorial Day

Annique Monet's Phantom Letters comes after her departure from hippie-dippie Topanga bullshit band Worthless and is available in a limited batch of 100 cassettes with handmade art. It's quirky. Like, Soko-quirky. Except she didn't come from France; she came from Florida.

Erase Errata have returned and made their first recordings in nearly a decade, and they sound exactly as they once did! Happily so. Hannah Lew, bass player for the fabulous Grass Widow, directed the video above. The members of Erase Errata just gave a fabulous interview in Rookie, in which they explain their six-year hiatus and discuss the meaning of "Don't Sit/Lie." Perhaps some nice musician out there will coax Grass Widow out of hiding and direct a video for them?

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