Thursday, May 28, 2015

A video palindrome that addresses abortion

This new song and video from Till Lindemann, 52, father of at least two, frontman for Rammstein, is an excellent mens' rights complement to a quick read of Elfriede Jelinek's Women as Lovers.

Denmark's Communions have a new, self-titled EP out on June 1, and "Summer's Oath" is a dreamy swirl of post-punk and synths that bring to mind too many '80s and '80s-inspired bands to list off (a list which obviously includes the Cure). Visit last year's Cobblestones EP here.

More from the Communions EP:

Remember Vells? No? Toronto's Grounders have a lazy sort of sound (god, is dreamy in right now?), and they remind an awful lot of that quiet Seattle project. The following is off their full-length debut.

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