Friday, April 3, 2015

England is still weeping

Two new, beautiful English tracks to feature today. The first comes from the Cambridge-based Tape Runs Out, who've just put out a debut single, "Friends," the B-side of which is called "Flowers" and contains all sorts of sampling that resembles the beach, from tape running backwards which mimics the cry of seagulls, to the melancholy grey ceiling of cloud that can be heard via guitar. "Friends," below, bears an incredible resemblance to the style of Israel's Vaadat Charigim, a favorite here. Tape Runs Out currently shares a Welsh label with Ukraine's Ummagma, to boot.

Starar are a brother/sister duo based in Lincolnshire and London whose "Time Under We" gets released as a single this...Sunday? Yes, this Sunday, Easter, and they've got a whole span of singles and EPs under their belts from the last five years, all of them with terrible cover art. But "Talisman," just released on Tuesday, is a lovely little bit of noise, a shoegaze rocker that reminds of My Bloody Valentine to an extent that many newer shoegaze bands would kill to achieve.

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