Monday, February 23, 2015

SJ Esau released one of last year's best albums and I dropped the ball

Somehow, I missed last year's album by Bristol musician/producer SJ Esau, one of the very first artists I'd reviewed for this site. In 2007, Sam Wisternoff was something of a novelty, more than partly due to his obsession with cats, but in March 2014, he created an absolutely brilliant mess of an uncategorizable record, and it's run across my lap only a year later. Exploding Views is all sorts of things -- wacky, completely manic, exciting, and not resembling, in the least, the majority of what's come out in the last couple of years. If that weren't enough, it offers a guest appearance by Doseone. This is the record I've needed and waited for for quite some time.

Exploding Views may very well sound dated, a decade from now. But for now, it's an incredible thrill, a real demonstration of what Wisternoff can do, and if this release was years in the making, I'll be delighted to see how he evolves in the next few years. Completely sold on this record, even if a year too late.

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