Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Revisiting old favorites in the new year

A 25-minute documentary on Girlpool was just released, and while the performances are not necessarily as polished as their live sets had gotten by December, and certainly, in spite of all the vocal fry (good lord, the vocal fry), Things Are OK is really damn delightful. Harmony and Cleo are an extremely likable pair who, musically, are essentially a next generation version of The Roches. And furthermore, they are perfectly normal teens, talking about how difficult it is to feel weird and then take your music public, where people can project their ideas and interpretations of it back onto you. A worthy little watch.

Ty Segall's new EP, released today, is simple, softer, and sounds like a whole lotta Topanga Canyon:

The new Twilight Sad single is gorgeous and will be released on Feb. 8.  And if you're not aware, they are offering LP and concert ticket bundles on their website, which do in fact apply to their American concert dates as well as those in the UK. They'll be starting a record store tour quite soon, and you can be sure that said dates will play out like this one, recorded in Los Angeles on Nov. 7 of last year.

And, finally, Exploding in Sound's Pile have got a new record out on March 3, You're Better Than This, and they'll be touring with the brand new van they'll have achieved via Indiegogo. Have a listen to their appropriately titled new single at Stereogum.

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