Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mercury is in retrograde!

Miss Tati is Angolan by way of Portugal and (currently resides in) Bergen, Norway, and "Shakedown," just released yesterday, is refreshingly un-American -- it is confident but cool, has nothing to prove. Miss Tati herself has a jazz-inspired R&B voice, and the beat behind her sounds amazing on headphones. Yes. Yes. Yes.

There's a brand new SONICS song out (!) and because production has improved in the last 50 years, the Sonics now sound like every band that's imitated them since the '60s, Detroit-based or otherwise. Gerry Roslie uses an inhaler now and looks quite representative of his age (Niall O'Keefe of The Stool Pigeon once agreed, citing his heart transplant and recovery from kidney cancer), but the Sonics are still an incredible live band and it goes without saying that you ought to visit them while they tour this year. April tour dates for the U.S. are listed here. They're playing Viva Las Vegas!

Last month, Brooklyn band Surf Rock is Dead received mention here; today, they've got a brand new track to boast, albeit one that -- erm -- takes after "Just Like Heaven" to an unquestionable degree. Have a listen.

Last song of the evening belongs to James Davis, an act signed to Motown and comprised of fraternal twins and their brother. The video for "Better Than You Are" was filmed throughout Los Angeles (hey, hi, Circus Liquor!), and their self-titled debut album, entirely bedroom-recorded, will be released in the spring.

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