Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Two exciting returns, from the north!

Here's that B-side to the Coathangers' cover of the Gun Club's "Sex Beat," the first recording from These Arms Are Snakes in five years. The Lost Sounds cover is quite true, albeit less glamorous than the original Alicja Trout-fronted version.

Speaking of comebacks -- have you spent several years wondering, "What is Terry Six up to lately?" He's returned to music after a hiatus, his last project being the Nice Boys, and he and King Louie Bankston (once a songwriter for and original member of Six's original band, the Exploding Hearts) have joined up after a decade apart in order to record a new seven-inch, which I'd somehow missed in September. Terry & Louie are now releasing music via Six's brand new Tuff Break Records, and according to the San Francisco-based The Bay Bridged, "the label is 'a way to facilitate control of The Exploding Hearts’ legacy and put them under my and the other families’ roof.' Plans are in the works to release a second Terry & Louie 7-inch, an Exploding Hearts singles box set, and more in 2015." Exciting to have him back and see the former Exploding Hearts working together again!

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