Thursday, December 11, 2014

London O'Connor, playing it cool

So, this London O'Connor kid wrote a song about romance and then directed a video from the perspective of someone who starts getting involved in sexy time, and honestly, the whole thing feels like it was created by someone who had sex once in his 20s and then felt the weight of the world and said, "my god, I need to write about what this feels like, stat."

O'Connor just did a nifty little interview with Mass Appeal and said the following: "Some labels actually hit me up after I put out 'Oatmeal' and I gave them a fake manager’s email. It was, like a mix of Bob Dylan, and Bob Clampett (the guy who made bugs bunny), and then [I] just let all those emails go in an inbox unanswered. Because I don't need them right now. [...] I’m working on building a world right now instead of building a linear album."

Here's "Oatmeal," then, something he released in October alongside a GAME in which you travel through or get hit by doors and shoot (pew-pew-pew!) at remote control units.

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