Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bringing retro back -- again!

There should be all sorts of groaning to do over Surf Rock is Dead -- the terribly named Brooklyn band's surf rock debut single, building on Brooklyn's beaten-to-death reputation for irony, or better yet, releasing their first surf rock single in December, when only those of us experiencing drought are suited to the genre. But it's a good start, beautiful guitar tone, a pleasant hark back to the earlier part of Obama's presidency, when the Soft Pack were still the Muslims. Looking forward to the debut EP by Surf Rock is Dead; as of right now, the duo is brand new and still relying on Facebook in lieu of a website.

Vaguely of the same melodic rock category is Philadelphia-based Literature, whose second album Chorus has been released on Slumberland, now an extremely genre-consistent label. Here's a taste:

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