Thursday, November 20, 2014

Old favorites, new projects

First, John Reis has a new project! Swami John Reis and the Blind Shake is putting out Modern Surf Classics, a tribute to surf music and films of the '60s and '70s, on Jan. 27, (obviously) on Swami Records. The Blind Shake is a trio sans bass that once served as Michael Yonkers' backing band, lucky bastards.

There'll also be a tour this spring!

2/12 -- San Francisco, CA -- Bottom of the Hill
2/13 -- Los Angeles, CA -- The Satellite
2/14 -- Long Beach, CA -- Alex's Bar
2/15 -- San Diego, CA -- Casbah
2/19 -- Minneapolis, MN -- Turf Club
2/20 -- Milwaukee, WI -- Shank Hall
2/21 -- Chicago, IL -- Empty Bottle
2/25 -- Brooklyn, NY -- St. Vitus
2/26 -- New York, NY -- Mercury Lounge
2/27 -- Washington, DC -- Rock & Roll Hotel
2/28 -- Philadelphia, PA -- Underground Arts: Black Box

Pitchfork just released a short documentary today on Brian Chippendale and Greg Saunier, two of the most brilliant living drummers, respectively of Lightning Bolt and Deerhoof. Saunier in particular is a fantastic interview subject, nervous tick, terrible laugh and all. And what Saunier says of Lightning Bolt?

"The first time that I heard Lightning Bolt, that I most loved about them, was that, finally, I was hearing a band that wasn't appropriating an older style. it sounded like it was invented from absolute scratch [...] they were gonna build it up, cavemen-style, from a stone and two twigs or something."

Totally worth your twenty minutes, and goes hand-in-hand with a limited-edition vinyl release of an album the two created together, recorded in 2013 at the almost-defunct Death by Audio.

Dirt Dress, local to Los Angeles, once sounded like every other band in the greater Silverlake area that was just learning how to handle instruments and attempting to become a proper band. Have a listen to 2007's Theme Songs as proof. Today, they were featured on KXLU's Part Time Punks and cited as a post-punk band that've been around for a long time. As of this week, they've got a new EP providing a point of contrast from what they once were. It also just so happens that they'll be at the Echo in Los Angeles this Sunday (Nov. 23) for their record release show.

Better yet, revisit their demos from 2010 to see how the evolution has been bridged:

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