Monday, October 6, 2014


I had the opportunity to see Meatbodies during their supporting slot for Buzzcocks last month in Los Angeles, and though they're a relatively small name and perhaps best suited to a smaller setting, they fared quite well in filling the stage of the somewhat large Fonda, and in an oddly fantastic pairing, they provided excellent contrast to the polished power pop of Buzzcocks with a Castle Face-style mish-mash of zippy, lively, unpolished rock 'n roll.

Anything already written on Meatbodies mentions head Meatbody Chad Ubovich's time spent in FUZZ, as bass player alongside Ty Segall. The ties to Segall are largely apparent by the influence both he and Meatbodies have gained in Segall labelmates and comrades Thee Oh Sees; live, the guitarists of Meatbodies mimic the cartoonish movement of John Dwyer and the exaggeratedly Tiny Tim positioning of Petey Dammit, and one can really only review their style with a vocabulary fit for the comics: zip, zoom, yip, pow! The likeness is not only in appearance -- the psychedelic "Plank" and "Tremmors" could easily have fit onto Segall's Twins, while "Mountain" could've followed "Block of Ice" on The Master's Bedroom. It'd be all too easy to call Meatbodies a ripoff, but they're too genuinely good at what they do.

You can stream all of Meatbodies at NPR this week!

Here's the 7-inch version of "Mountain," off last year's split with Ty Segall.

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