Sunday, September 21, 2014

New lady-things

New Is/Is is about to be released on Tuesday, and the band is down to Sarahs Rose and Nienaber, now based in Portland. Shadow Days is the last bit of of Minneapolis they've got in them, though one would assume the entire thing had been recorded while in Joshua Tree on a west coast tour (one track was) -- this is the captured mood of Sarah Nienaber's side project, Web of Sunsets, hazy and dreamy and low key and not at all like the dark, rebellious stuff of Is/Is' previous releases. Speaking of Web of Sunsets, they're going on tour next week.

Speaking of moody and dreamy and lady-voiced, here's one by Morning Birds, actually based in Los Angeles. I'm not generally one for remixes, but they're offering an EP with five (that's right, five) of 'em. Available here.

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Anonymous said...

bloom indeed... mos def dreamy and sultry