Monday, August 4, 2014

If nothing else, at least Israel's got its music.

The former guitarist of Monotonix (Tel Aviv) has got a thing of his own going, and not only is he a joy if you're a fan of, say, Dungen (or Monotonix -- albeit it's a bit more dignified), but Yonatan Gat will be at the Smell in Los Angeles this Thursday.

Other good news coming out of Tel Aviv? A couple of freshly recorded Vaadat Charigim demos, "Have No Place in this Planet" and "Where it Ends." A while back, I had the opportunity to interview Juval Haring of Vaadat Charigim about living in Tel Aviv, and since then, the updates have gotten quite surreal, particularly as most of us only hear about Israel in the context of their war with the distance of media. From Facebook:

Walking down the street in Tel Aviv just now, we heard a siren. We were next to a random apartment building so we went in. The neighbors were running down the stairs with their dogs, leading us down to a small cellar where people keep their old bicycles. We stood there for about 10 minutes. Every few moments we could hear a distant BOOM. I thought to myself - these wars are strange, these for-show missile attacks on civilians, our ego-driven responses. Someone must be gaining something somewhere, and i know its not the people. It makes no sense why on such a lovely summer day, we would all be standing sweating in an old cellar with our pets. This is just another war, fought by ideologists and leaders of men, on the expenses of civilians. People are just people. They just want to hang out, be with their kids or friends. Someone is gaining something from this. Someone is profiting off everyday peoples thirst for revenge, people's desperation, fatigue, on both sides. And the losers are us, hiding from missles instead of basking in the sun, pawns in a game designed by greedy people to be so big that us everyday folk will never be able to grasp it. 

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