Monday, August 4, 2014

Get Ummagma the hell out of Ukraine!

Speaking about the parts of the world experiencing war at the moment -- had a very nice albeit humbling conversation with the lovely Shauna McLarnon, of Ukraine's Ummagma. McLarnon is a native Canadian, residing with her husband and their daughter in Ternopil, and they're looking to make an exit back to the world's most neutral territory. And really, can you blame them? The best way to support them right now? Through their music, which is quite decent and will appeal to fans of alternative/synth/shoegaze hybrids. They're also featured on this brand new Sounds of Sputnik album, which will be available not only as a digital download but as a 50-Euro "post-Soviet music bundle," which contains the new Sounds of Sputnik album, digital access to two Ummagma albums, and mixed collections of Ukrainian and Soviet/post-Soviet music curated by the two bands. Here's a small taste:

All Ummagma albums can otherwise be purchased here.

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