Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Yes I'm Leaving (is a band) / I know a place where you can put your money.

Becoming increasingly convinced that Australians survive on a diet of ground meat and terrible beer. Case in point:

Yes I'm Leaving comes out of Sydney and they've got a record called Slow Release coming out September 29 on Homeless Records. There's going to be a limited pressing of 100 grey/white records, too. You can preview "One" from it at Stereogum. And for those of us who aren't up on much of Australia's music scene, Yes I'm Leaving has got a pretty great record from 2013 that's sold out but is still accessible by stream.

Speaking loosely of Homeless Records, Dan Melchior has been part of their roster in the past, and if you've followed along here every so often, you might've come across a post on Dan and his wife Letha, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma almost four years ago, has experienced a whole variety of tumors since, and has been making her way through as many treatments as are available. Financially, cancer is quite draining -- if you've ever been a patient of any sort in an American hospital, there's a good chance that you're already aware. Factor in the obligation to give up work due to disability (Letha) or caretaking (Dan), and you've got yourself a hole. This is where assistance is very much needed. In addition to the Paypal account set up for Letha's medical fund in 2012, you can help them out by purchasing Hunger, a Dan Melchior und Das Menace best-of of sorts that was curated by John Dwyer and recently released on Castle Face. You can purchase any of Dan or Letha's records to help, really, and they're all available here.

Additionally and related, I recently set up a Give Forward page to help reboot donations to their medical bills and living expenses, and while we've gotten to a fabulous start, almost $3,800 in a single month, donations are quickly losing momentum. If Letha can make it four years beyond a Stage 4 diagnosis, then there's a good chance medicine has come far enough to help her fully recover -- let's pitch in and ensure that she's got the financial coverage she needs to get completely treated and make it happen. Can the fund reach $5,000 by the end of the week?

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