Monday, July 21, 2014

Scamu Scau! Meet Meenk.

Christ, it's been a while. Breaking this lengthy hiatus, first, to say how happy I am that we live in a period where it's cool for women to be musicians again (it was cool twenty years ago, and then the Lilith Fair sort of scared women out of it, I think, because no one wanted to be pinned as the next Tracy Bonham or whatever, but now it's okay again because everyone's forgotten what was cheesy about the '90s). And I'm pleased that girls are increasingly unafraid to pick up guitars. I don't usually rant about gender because music is music, but at one point, it was difficult to name three female guitarists, and now, there are tons of female rock musicians, and boys are finally finding it acceptable to enjoy them. The shitty times we've lived in, ladies.

On that note, I've already gushed about a good lot of the Exploding in Sound roster -- Speedy Ortiz, Ovlov, Palehound, Geronimo! (and so forth, and so forth). And said roster leads us quite smoothly to Meenk, a project by May Rio, whose current guitarist is Ben Scherer of Palehound. Rio sounds impossibly young but is already a graduate of RISD, and one with a sweet, sweet Jughead-inspired menswear portfolio at that; her voice is halfway between the relaxed slur of Lana Del Rey and the sweetness of, well, a child -- did I mention that she sounds impossibly young? -- and she's no doubt inspired to the nines by Pavement, so much so that it'd be all too easy to lump her into a club with Sadie Dupuis and Ellen Kempner, respectively of Speedy Ortiz and Palehound.

The music of Meenk is simple, witty, and feminine. May Rio is Joey Lauren Adams in Chasing Amy, and she's the singer-songwriter at the coffee shop that the creepy single dad is lusting after while he and his kid play backgammon at the table by the stage, and she's the girl who doesn't have a ton of friends because she'd rather be drawing than chatting about gel manicures. I like her.

Go listen to Scamu Scau!

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