Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mankind, rippin 'em off

Stockholm's Mankind are quite young, and while "Blood, Sugar" essentially rips off the structure of Nirvana's "Aneurysm," sort of precisely, the band reminds me of how much I enjoyed Swedish pop and garage rock ten to twelve years ago [think Randy, Division of Laura Lee, T(I)NC]. Their publicist describes them as part of "an emerging scene reacting to the overwhelming EDM rains that floods every single garage here without mercy," and while my first instinct is to call them an imitation of a range of bands that were popular between about 2000 and 2004, a fair number of those bands were an imitation of a '60s aesthetic, and that was half a generation ago, anyway. So it's time for the kids, currently being fed all sorts of electronic whatsits, to get into something more energetic, as we did at the turn of the century. Here's an overdue introduction to Mankind:

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Heat Rises said...

'the universe is skull-shaped' I love that line, love the spirit of this song!