Monday, June 9, 2014

Belgian Fog: Why not just change?

I recently had the chance to interview Seattle-based artist Robert Dale (Belgian Fog), who has yet to release a full album but is slowly building up a following, one track at a time. Quality over quantity, sure. A new Belgian Fog track has made its way, and building on this spring's "Loveless Way," it follows the theme of being endlessly trapped in a relationship out of passivity. Except this one is quite darkly funny.

I feel like a leper in my own house
I get all the perks of being alone when I'm not
And it'd feel good just not to feel
But hearing you talk is like having a radio on all the time
I want you to be what I thought of you before I ever knew you
I want you to be what I thought of you before you ever talked

Now you're just the body of an animal
Something I want but don't want to hold if it cries
I know I'm supposed to like your imperfections
But they're more annoying than they are endearing
So why not just change?

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