Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Will Stratton's newest fantastic album was released today.

After 2012's brilliant Post-Empire, it was unclear what, if anything, would follow. Will's woven some of the most stunning and vivid imagery into his songs, and while he's also a soothing singer and a skilled guitarist, his musical ability never gets in the way of his songwriting, which is first and foremost honest and true. It's been a joy to hear these demos as they've been released, wonder what they'd become, hope that they'd become something specific, and then hear the final product only to discover that the finished versions of these songs are exactly what I'd hoped they'd be.

If you could read anything in preparation for this album, have a look at this blog post of his (dated February 2014) and this one (dated September 2013), and most importantly, this one (dated June 2013).

And then, of course, purchase the record, because it's just been released today.

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