Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Unbearably Prolific -- It's Great Western Plain!

Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote of Dead Trend, a group out of Maine that channeled Black Flag and initially served to promote a book in a very meta sort of way. It was a novelty project, albeit one that was very well done.

As it turns out, members of the group have a second/primary band, Great Western Plain. The trio's fourth release in two years, Elastic Smile, is more "Teenage Riot" than "TV Party," hopelessly Gen X, and though also dripping with nostalgia, is authentic and modern enough to fit the roster of, say, Merge, whether twenty years ago or today. It's genuinely enjoyable for its freakouts, temperate vocals, and guitar enthusiasm.

In fact, Elastic Smile is so modern that it's been released on a limited cassette pressing. They're pretty with it in the context of music trends, I'd say.

Have a listen, and then visit their 2013 release, Lure and Kitsch/Flutter and Slack.

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