Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lament life with Belgian Fog.

Generally, I don't post anything remotely electronic in this space because, frankly, I have a difficult time connecting to music made with a laptop. Perhaps I'm a luddite or purist for requesting guitars and drums of my entertainment, and maybe I'm fated to lag behind in the music world, in the long run. So be it.

That said, I received a recent note from someone whose music I finally found relatable, and though he lacks a full band, his stunning voice is what gives his music the human connection I require. Seattle resident/Los Angeles native Robert Dale, who records under the name Belgian Fog, sings with a slurry, low mumble, like some sort of hybrid of Andrew Bird and Lana Del Rey, funnily. But he beautifully and gracefully delivers lines about the impending end of a hopeless relationship ("I'm much too lazy to make things right"), disappointment, mental illness. Curiously, there's no dichotomy between dark lyrics and misleadingly major chords, only music of a relaxed pace that matches the distance of depression and indifference -- rather fitting as well as a unique musical accomplishment.

The following three tracks are all there seem to be thus far, and they range in age from one month to one year. At this point, I'm betting that Dale's more talented than the artists he's about to be lumped in with.

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