Thursday, March 6, 2014

Brief Candles, repping Wisconsin.

Last fall I received notice of the newest EP by Brief Candles, a Milwaukee-based group on Guilt Ridden Pop (making them label mates with one of my favorites, Is/Is). Brief Candles included the following dedication on the press release for the Newhouse EP, stating:'s dedicated to our friend, Mike Newhouse, who we lost last fall. He was a great friend who I hope is skating some cosmic half pipe whilst trying to pick up women with the line “I can play 'The Sight of You' by the Pale Saints on guitar.”

And funnily enough, this dedication sums up the sound of Newhouse, lush and dreamy, bits of Pale Saints and Ride and My Bloody Valentine, all that good, swirling, guitar-driven stuff that could've been released twenty-two years ago or today. They also stated that, regarding the video posted above, the visual effect is the result of wearing LED lights and bracelets while playing live, creating a "painting of the music."

The band has been releasing music for a decade, and there are three releases on their Bandcamp page, but Newhouse really is the pinnacle of their output thus far, and it's exactly where they should have aspired to arrived.

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