Monday, February 10, 2014

We Love Pile!

What's the best new song of 2014, now that we're halfway through Q1? My money is on "Special Snowflakes," the A-side of a seven-inch soon to be released by Pile. Exploding in Sound, which essentially exists to showcase the best of Boston's rock scene, has seemingly popped out of nowhere in the last couple of years, and suddenly offers some of the best bands around. Pile's 2012 record, Dripping, was one of the obvious standouts of their roster, and their new single is perhaps their best yet, an ambitious seven-plus minutes where each turn is important to the song's tone, sharing an energy with the likes of The Argument-era Fugazi, at its moodiest, and the intensity of grungier acts like Pissed Jeans and the Jesus Lizard, at its loudest. It's a perfect grunge song, demonstrating cleaner production than that used on Dripping, and constantly builds like a real, human mood, with no instrument wasted. Hear for yourself, and then buy everything Pile's released:

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