Monday, February 10, 2014


While talking of Exploding in Sound, the newest Speedy Ortiz release - and yes, they're now on Carpark, though they're still an Exploding in Sound band in spirit - comes out tomorrow. The Real Hair EP is the most commercial they've come to be, though there was already a radio-friendly hint in the opening riff of "Basketball," on 2012's Sports. What partly defines the evolution of Speedy Ortiz is the voice of vocalist/guitarist Sadie DuPuis, who only a couple of years ago had a somewhat androgynous, almost boyish voice, and who has undoubtedly made the transition to fully grown woman, and whose lyrics have transformed from mere high school insecurities into legitimate poetry, which is an excellent cap on her graduate studies in poetry. Complementing the newer maturity of her lyrics, though, is that commercial quality, which is to say that the songs are musically more comfortable and willing to flow from part to part, where they were much simpler only two or three years ago.

That said, have a crack at Real Hair, which gets officially released tomorrow.

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