Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jennnaaahhh! (Meet Kelly Kreye.)

I don't know that I'd have given former model Kelly Kreye a chance, were it his just-released, all-acoustic, What the Fuck is this Shit? EP that I'd met from the start; what he presented to me, however, was "Jennah," the first representation of what he can do with a three-piece band, inclusive of Scott Remila and Dylan Green (Raising the Fawn). The way he freely wails Jennah's name solidifies Kreye as a songwriter who is both completely free and emotionally involved, but his music is simple, extremely lo-fi, unpretentious indie rock; Kreye is the guy who gave you a mix tape twenty years ago, married his second choice, and never quite got over you.

On the whole, Flying with Kites is in something of a club with the likes of Wounded Lion, a band I initially didn't know what to do with, but came to appreciate for how honest and straightforward they are. No gimmicks, and no apparent marketing strategy. "My Friends" is the worst of Flying, and closes the album in a way that makes me question the depth of Kreye's musical experience. It's the song that doesn't belong, and makes me uncomfortable the same way "Freakin' Friends" did over a decade ago. And this is generally the association I make when I hear his solo acoustic work. But Kreye intends to make a variety of EPs over a given period, and it'll be interesting to see if he can be steered either which way.


Kelly Kreye said...

Thanks China. This is rad, my first review! I'm super stoked as it is honest, well written and 100% completely accurate.

- The Man from the Land of the Broken Hearted.

China said...

First review! Thank you for stopping by, and do keep in touch. I'm excited to see where you go next.