Saturday, February 15, 2014

GRIZZLOR DESTROYS (We're All Just Aliens)

It's no secret that the glittery and goth sides of the '80s returned to music about ten years ago, overstayed their welcome, and then paved the way for a revival of the much sloppier '90s. However, there are bands here and there that've drawn influence from those misfit sludge acts that popped up during the '80s and stuck around, and seven years ago, I'd predicted that they'd be much more ubiquitous out of rebellion for the rather feminine emo culture that had occurred in the earliest 2000s. I was sort of right, but my timing was off, and a tougher, more masculine take on music isn't quite as prevalent as I'd anticipated it would be in the rock world. However, I imagine that if you're involved in the metal scene, today's grunge bands are probably no more than a rehashing, so grunge is really just a way of tricking non-metal fans into pretending they're capable of liking metal, which just won't die.

That said, last month's EP by Grizzlor, a three-piece out of New Haven, is nothing original -- the vocal effect is just one element lifted from Big Black, and their grotesque, intentionally ugly style could've been influenced by the increasingly cited Jesus Lizard, or These Arms Are Snakes. No, there's not much originality here, but then, who is capable of originality at this point? You can ask why bother? in response to the question of why music is made if it's not adding anything new and culturally relevant, but if every potential musician were to abide by this and only create if a brand new idea popped up, we'd have very little to choose from.

Grizzlor are, however, an enjoyable listen, dirty, ugly, fuzzy, and not worried about sounding mundane, which is why their genre is so refreshing next to pop (and "Boring Guy" might just be an update on "Spent"). I appreciate that they admit the absurdity of Twitter, that their cover art looks like it might've been swiped from a comic book and photocopied, that I imagine them saying, I dunno, just make it louder. This is the type of music you don't justify enjoying; it's something you simply have on while home alone, that you feel you can have and no one can touch or take from you. It's as sloppy as it ought to be, the best possible stereotype of a rock band, and it can only be described as "fat." Two thumbs up.

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