Sunday, December 29, 2013

From Denmark: Communions!

The same folks that released Dokument #1, a collection of music documenting the Copenhagen scene (which features Iceage, for one) have put out a seven-inch by Communions, one of the bands featured on the compilation. If Dokument #1 is any indication, Denmark's array of music isn't far off from what we've got here in the U.S. -- where Iceage is a tough grimace of a hardcore act, Communions would fit well on a label like Slumberland, blending '80s new wave influence with lo-fi production and harmonious vocals.

Speaking of, have a look at Iceage's set for Dokument #1, which took place in February 2013. (Warning: terrible sound) (Warning #2: They're young and adorable)

New Terry Malts!

And they'll be at the Satellite on January 10. Woo!

Warthog: Too good for their name

NYC hardcore band Warthog have a seven-inch coming out on January 7! And it'll be available here.

Something old (the Chain Wallet Sessions demo tape, 2012):

I prefer "Shit," myself.

Solander, from Sweden!

Here's a nice one out of Sweden, perhaps for fans of Kings of Convenience or José González; Solander's third album, Monochromatic Memories, will continue an ongoing project by a male/female duo of multi-instrumentalists who incorporate banjo, cello and loops, and will lead into a 2014 European/U.S. tour. Lead single "All Opportunities" is at once melancholy and lush, but for something a bit more, say, folksy, have a listen to their 2009 record, Since We Are Pigeons.

Slum Sociable: The soundtrack to your very quiet party

In November, Slum Sociable released an eponymous, limited-edition (now-sold out) cassette and digital album; the jazz-influenced release should appeal to fans of Madlib and comes from Melbourne-based Mojikit Records.

Purchase the digital album here. I'm late to the party, but this cover also happened.

Somethin' Outta Mexico! Lorelle Meets the Obsolete.

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete are a multi-instrumentalist duo out of Guadalajara, named in the same method as Florence and the Machine, or Echo and the Bunnymen (Lorena Quintanilla = Lorelle, Alberto González = the Obsolete). Perhaps in the spirit of Mazzy Star's latest appearance, the trippy, hazy LP Corruptible Faces was released earlier this year, and even after a tour, the band is already set to release a new record in February 2014. If the above track is any indication, Chambers will be more lively, perhaps a more human, sharper update on Krautrock, heavy on guitars and hypnotizing in rhythm. I'm really fucking excited.

Also, this is a marvelous video. Purchase the seven-inch here.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!

This is one in a series of posts that will serve as a really, really last minute effort to promote some of the better music I've gotten my hands on over the last month or two; this release by Foligno, Italy-based trio Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! in particular is one I've been mulling over for the last couple months, if only because lead single "Twins" caught my attention and then I found myself listening to the full record, disappointed somewhat that the band tried so fervently to imitate American indie rock and succeeded to the extent that there's little to refer to as special.

However, Forever Young is, on further listen, notable for its energy -- there was something familiar about the record that I couldn't quite pinpoint, and about fifteen minutes in, it occurred to me that I felt wowed by their speed, the same way I'd once been astounded by lo-fi Domino Records band The Beautiful Newborn Children (who, of course, were once shoved into a hole of obscurity and are now a mere thing of a moment past). There's Nicola Vedovati, whose drumming is simply nonstop, and sister Joan, whose bass drives each song forward. Diego Masciotti's vocals are poorly recorded, distant, but undoubtedly live, and his guitar jangles to the tune of a giant mess. As a whole, this recording is messy, but it's the stuff of a fantastic live performance, and given such, it's an excellent teaser.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Need more Cuntz in your life?

A couple months ago, Melbourne-based Cuntz released an appropriately brash, revolting, spirited album of punk rock, their second in 2013. Solid Mates comes only eight months after Aloha, which drew comparisons to the Birthday Party but was performed with too much of a grin to be in darker leagues.

Something old, speaking in relative terms:

The return (or beginning?) of Katie Bulley.

Remember the Barettas? Katie Bulley is off and out on her own, and has just released an acoustic single with rockabilly spirit and lyrics, as well as an accompanying video. "Chasing" is the lead release from her debut solo LP, Lone Wolf, due early next year.

Flowers and Dog Legs!

Female-fronted UK band Flowers, who're still quite new, have just released new demos, and they're fabulous and reek of the late '80s.

Alternately, this one, the first in the Oddbox Records 100 Club series, was released in October and sold out in seven-inch form:

Speaking of the Oddbox 100 Club, a Dog Legs seven-inch will be released in a limited edition of 100 come Feb. 23, 2014. This one reminds so very much of late '90s British all-lady band Budget Girls and more recent British lady band Wetdog.