Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Th' Whale and th' Warbler

The Whale and the Warbler is perhaps one of the most refreshing submissions I've received as of late; led by Conor McCann, they're a group ranging from six to eight people, based out of Rochester, NY, blending folk and big band in a way that ought to be bothersome on description, but, as it turns out, has much more musical depth than the bands to which they will likely be compared (I'm looking at you, Mumford).

Thanksgiving was recorded in a church, and this recording environment is undoubtedly present in the album's feel. It's like autumn leaves falling, like watching a crowd of people while completely alone, like a wedding, like the anticipation of change. It is at once somber and jolly, lively and soothing. The abundant, occasionally dissonant brass (and very occasional swing) is what sets it apart from so many other folk albums. It mumbles and it crashes, and will make you feel all sorts of things.

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