Monday, November 18, 2013

Go, Letha, Go!

Letha Rodman Melchoir, several years in, is still fighting cancer. While going through rounds of radiation, giving in and finally settling on chemotherapy, and sporting a purple mohawk, she's also recorded an album and made a video to accompany it. See here:

Her record, Handbook for Mortals, was released last month and can be purchased from husband Dan Melchior's website.

If you haven't yet read through Letha's Happy Hospital Funtime Blog, I very much recommend that you give it a visit and read as much of it as possible. She tackles all of the honest, gory parts that come with cancer treatment, the scary parts that so many people gloss over and are afraid to be let known when giving the timeline from diagnosis to remission. What really separates her from so many others who've written about their experiences, however, is that all the honesty is spoken with an amazing sense of humor that paints her as positively brave. Her battle has been nothing short of terrifying to read about, and it's gone on for approximately three years -- what began as a rare case of clear cell sarcoma (read about the asshole doctor who diagnosed her) became stage IV melanoma, and so began a series of never-ending tumors and experimental treatments. Please help her out if you can.

On a related note, husband Dan Melchior also released an album this year, K-85, and all proceeds from its sale will benefit Letha's care, and the couple's living expenses. As of right now, 25 of the 400 limited edition vinyl copies remain and can be purchased from Dan's website.

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