Monday, August 26, 2013

Andrew St James grew up in a Bret Easton Ellis novel.

His musicianship is fabulous, and "Cassidy" very much recalls Irish folk, but the press release surrounding Andrew St James admittedly pegs him as an 18-year old San Francisco native who may or may not be kind of a dick.

“I am inspired by the odd characters that I call my acquaintances,” St James says of the colorful cast that inhabits the songs on his debut album Doldrums, set for release on September 24th.  Hip street folk, Irish immigrants and Mission hipsters star in songs that exist as soundtracks to hard-lived lives. They are tunes that speak with a frank realism and dark sense of humor to kids of St James’s age that are living in a mixed-up world.

“Despite its light qualities, ‘Cassidy’ is a dark song,” he says of the album’s first single, a tune that lives on the fringes of heartbreak.  “At the time I wrote it, a former lover of mine had returned to my city. I still loved her, but it was soon evident that she had no intention of seeing me.”  Of Doldrums, St James says that “This album is about growing up,” and adds humorously, “Granted, growing up for me consisted of rancid partying, rich girlfriends, and strange mission coffee shop poetry readings.”


Anonymous said...

He's not a dick. He's a really awesome guy

China said...

Then his publicists aren't doing him any favors!