Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Three bands, each worth a quick mention.

Brooklyn group Butter the Children have released one of three tracks from their True Crime EP, to be released August 20 on Downtown Records. The group is dark, and may appeal to fans of Is/Is or Wax Idols, but this single appears to have some sort of a foundation in pop, and demonstrates a band that may serve as a follow-up to a more accessible group, like the Soviettes.


Minneapolis-based stoner rock band Huge Rat Attacks have just released Organic Babies, their third record. The sludgy album will appeal to Melvins fans, but it's got influences in general late '80s/early '90s grunge and would just as easily fit into the neverending chain of noisy psych bands that came out of Los Angeles six or seven years ago. The album feels somewhat lazy and anti-climactic, but is an accessible starter record for anyone looking to transition gradually to metal.


The lack of volume provided to Amber Quintero's vocals on "I'm to Blame," from Los Angeles-based Boardwalk, may be an indication that Quintero can do little more than carry a tune. The song's production is odd, guitar up high and vocals turned low, everything else accordingly where it ought to be. But then, this unconventional production is what allows the song to be labeled dreampop and actually create a hypnotic state, using that guitar as an unexpected focal point. Their debut record will be released on Stones Throw on October 15.

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