Monday, June 10, 2013

Will Stratton tribute album and fundraiser!

Singer-songwriter Will Stratton has made several appearances on these pages; most recently, as part of my list of 2012's best records (Post-Empire). Also previously noted here was his battle with stage three testicular cancer. Happily, I can now write that he has won, and is in the process of selecting a cover for his fifth album, tentatively named Gray Lodge Wisdom, which he's been writing during the recovery process. The single downside to his recovery, however, is that since the good news has been announced by his family, donations to his medical fund have ceased, and as of March 31, his fund has raised an amount just over $23,000. This is generally a decent amount of money; however, if you are underinsured and require specialized treatment (in the U.S.), $23,000 may only be a fraction of what is required to get well. He has been through several major surgeries and four rounds of chemotherapy, and in order to be treated, had to leave behind a job and relocate for the better part of a year.

That said, a number of his musician friends collaborated on a covers album in tribute. All funds collected from the digital purchase of this album will go directly to Will's account in order to assist him with his medical debt. Purchase below, or purchase one of his original albums via his own Bandcamp page.

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